NAB 2013 Day 5 Practical Video Compression and FCPX tips

Last Day of NAB!

Practical Compression in a Post Youtube World session notes here.

Wait, where are the FCPX tips? It's always unique - Abba and I go in with no plan (beyond there being 4-5 tips we each want to do.) So, sadly, there isn't a way to give you the tips we covered. 

But you have my email from this site; you can reach abba by going to NAB at ShapiroVideo dot com.

NAB 2013 Day 4 FCPX Titling and Adobe Media Managment

Two sessions (and a great panel on the Art of Editing.)

The first one was getting the most out of FCPX and Motion to improve and take control of Titling.

The second was a technique to minimize media headaches in the CS6 Pro video tools in Prelude, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, After Effects, Audition, Speedgrade and Media Encoder.

Here is the common media folder from the book (essentially a bunch of folders zipped up in a structure). This technique is from our book an Editor's Guide to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Editors Retreat 2013

Some of my best professional relationships are made at the Editors Retreat
— -nearly every attendee

The Editor's Retreat Group Photo 2013

The Editor's Retreat is my favorite event to attend every year, for simple, selfish reasons.

  • I get to spend time with great people (the attendees are outstanding professionals from every corner of professional video).
  • The sessions are some of the best I've ever seen (as It's a mix of things I wish someone had taught me and things I want to learn.)
  • And I get a chance to interview unbelievable accomplished people. 

Yes, you should go next year. Find a way. The relationships, education and memories are priceless.

Oh yeah- don't miss the video.