Three email tips/Do you really have to send that email?

I love the flowchart from here : TL;DR? Basically, we're drowning in email. 20+ hrs a week worth. That halves your efficiency, and it's brutal as a 'creative.'

Most of the people I know (including you if you read this) already are aware that email is killing us all.

There were three good things that I want to mention from it (one that I already do.)

  • NNTR - No Need to Respond. In the Subject line.
  • EOM - End of Message. Again, write your subject with EOM
  • 3 sentence rule (which I'm going to amend as the 5 sentence rule , which is how I encountered it first.) Mostly, just see if See if you can keep your email under 5 sentences.

Imagine if everyone adopted these rules!

Just the flowchart alone saved one company 20% of the time.