Adobe Video World 2016

Thanks for seeing my sessions.

Silly quesiton: Any pictures of me teaching? 

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Adobe Video World thoughts

The people are what makes the events I take part in.

Yes, I could record training and/or post to a blog at home. But to have the human interaction? That's what I value about conferences.

All I'm saying is both now and later - don't be a stranger. I wasn't kidding when I said you can email me for the rest of your life..

Editors Guide to Better Audio

I had a blast teaching with Cheryl Ottenritter.


If you want to reach her you can do it via Otthouse Audio

I don't have enough great words about how much I enjoy teaching with her. Especially when I'm wrong and learn something new. 

Proxies and You

My second class is something that I'm really happy is in Premiere - Proxies.

I have a class from Lynda coming out soon (seriously Lynda. You've had the class for months now.) If you start to do some cool workflows with proxies let me know.

I've included the preset that I've built in the zip file.

It's really two presets - one for encoding and the other for ingest (remember, encoding makes things smaller, ingest presets are about "copying" things around.) 

VR/360 Taking a look around.

The VR taking a look around - I hope you got what you wanted out of that class. Turns out they buried the description on the website. Grr. 

It's meant hopefully for insights - how easy it is to get started in VR....but also what happens as you step up tot he plate.

I found that hearing Lucas Wilson - our keynote - had a a pair of sharp insights.

First this idea: Immersion = Emotion = Engagement.

That VR is about greater emotional engagement. The other key idea was that 360 is just video - that adding some (any) level of interactivy is truly VR. You should know that the Unreal engine and Uunity are on my list of thigns to look into.

Obligatory I couldn't have done the VR class without help/thoughts/advice from Chris Bobotis of Mettle

Everything you always wanted to know about compression but were afraid to ask

Compression is a pet favorite topic.

I have an eight hour version of the class. Yes. I compresed it.

SomehowTOO HARD - and found myself about 15 min short. So I added to my deck the method of noise reduction using the Lumetri pane. It's written in the presentation ALONG with a preset that you can add to your system.

Organization in Adobe Premiere Pro

Last session was organizaiton. Something that every editor faces, based on time

Included with the notes is a Premiere project on search bins. It's not for distribution yet - and please read the accompanying text file. 

Parting notes

Yes, you can really get me to teach your group.. 

The notes are now via subscription. I won't market too much - more of a 'hey,  Iā€™m speaking here and/or I'm coming to this given city'

Here is the link to subscribe and get my session notes (and more!)