Bacn - it's not spam!

Who doesn’t like bacon?
— everyone

Here's one of those stupid little things, that made a leap to my productivity.

Like you, I'm signed up to dozens of email lists (travel, food, knowledge.)

But I don't want it polluting my inbox. So I have a bacn rule.

Bacn is spam that you want.

I took all of those newsletters, cool info stuff that I get all the time (after all, I signed up for it!) and send it to it's own mailbox. Automatically.

I'm using Apple Mail, hers's a screenshot of how it started. Anything with "noreply" was the first rule. As I got other email, I added it to the rule, now none of my bacn is in my main mailbox

If Any recipient has noreply, it's bacn!

If Any recipient has noreply, it's bacn!