101 apps removed!

New iPhone is on the way...so it's time to start cleaning up.

Only 571 aps

Only 571 aps

I had some 672 apps on my iPhone. That's far, far too many. Even 571 is too many.

So I did a quick run through and removed 20% of my apps.

Some things to share:

  • iTunes really blows in trying to figure out what a specific app does. Trying to do it from the organization screen is impossible. Doing so in other areas of iTunes is a pain (probably a scathing post later about this)
  • First 2 pages 'Important'. Obvious stuff like games are further back.
  • How is it that I have 6 groups full of cameras?
  • I find a low level resentment for brickspace retailers that I need their app to get a discount. Needless to say, anything push based from them is disabled.

I find the 'back pages" are full of stuff that I think I might need "in a situation" - sorta a swiss army knife app. There were/are still too many damn apps that I have no idea what they do; I'm going to have to go back and check them and write about the experience.