Two great tools for email: Mail Act-on & Mail Tags

Like many people out there, I struggled to stay on top of my e-mail. The fact is as I get more and more e-mails–some that I want, some that require me to do things, with the main problem that it takes my brain to process all of his.

2 tools that I use that I would be lost without–MailTags and Mail ActOn. Both of these products are from


Mail tags–is the simple idea of “tagging” e-mails. once that you can add tags, you can build smart mailboxes from the stacks. It has a project feature that I don't really understand, and therefore don't use.

But tagging? Tagging I get.


I tag e-mails based on licensing, priority, specific clients, family–the ideas just that I can have more than one tag on a piece of e-mail.

And it's easy to build smart mailboxes based on the tags. All of it is also indexed by spotlight.


Get the idea?


Part 2 of the puzzle: Mail ActOn.

It's a tool that gives me an overlay (and Apple's mail) allows me to assign actions based on the keystroke.

Mail Act On

Mail Act On

For example, I like to batch process all my e-mails so I can deal with the quote important ones”. So I take a look at my inbox, press F2, and then press the number 2–which is assigned to the rule “longer than 2 min.”


She was a great general feeling about e-mail–in fact, most of the items that you consider “to do”–if it takes you longer than 2 min., then you should just do it.


Let's pretty simple–something comes in, acquires quick response–you respond. But wait a 2nd, not all that e-mail that takes longer than 2 min.?

That's what I want talking about 2 tools: MailTags and mail ActOn