Bacn - it's not spam!

Who doesn’t like bacon?
— everyone

Here's one of those stupid little things, that made a leap to my productivity.

Like you, I'm signed up to dozens of email lists (travel, food, knowledge.)

But I don't want it polluting my inbox. So I have a bacn rule.

Bacn is spam that you want.

I took all of those newsletters, cool info stuff that I get all the time (after all, I signed up for it!) and send it to it's own mailbox. Automatically.

I'm using Apple Mail, hers's a screenshot of how it started. Anything with "noreply" was the first rule. As I got other email, I added it to the rule, now none of my bacn is in my main mailbox

If Any recipient has noreply, it's bacn!

If Any recipient has noreply, it's bacn!

Two great tools for email: Mail Act-on & Mail Tags

Like many people out there, I struggled to stay on top of my e-mail. The fact is as I get more and more e-mails–some that I want, some that require me to do things, with the main problem that it takes my brain to process all of his.

2 tools that I use that I would be lost without–MailTags and Mail ActOn. Both of these products are from


Mail tags–is the simple idea of “tagging” e-mails. once that you can add tags, you can build smart mailboxes from the stacks. It has a project feature that I don't really understand, and therefore don't use.

But tagging? Tagging I get.


I tag e-mails based on licensing, priority, specific clients, family–the ideas just that I can have more than one tag on a piece of e-mail.

And it's easy to build smart mailboxes based on the tags. All of it is also indexed by spotlight.


Get the idea?


Part 2 of the puzzle: Mail ActOn.

It's a tool that gives me an overlay (and Apple's mail) allows me to assign actions based on the keystroke.

Mail Act On

Mail Act On

For example, I like to batch process all my e-mails so I can deal with the quote important ones”. So I take a look at my inbox, press F2, and then press the number 2–which is assigned to the rule “longer than 2 min.”


She was a great general feeling about e-mail–in fact, most of the items that you consider “to do”–if it takes you longer than 2 min., then you should just do it.


Let's pretty simple–something comes in, acquires quick response–you respond. But wait a 2nd, not all that e-mail that takes longer than 2 min.?

That's what I want talking about 2 tools: MailTags and mail ActOn

Three email tips/Do you really have to send that email?

I love the flowchart from here : TL;DR? Basically, we're drowning in email. 20+ hrs a week worth. That halves your efficiency, and it's brutal as a 'creative.'

Most of the people I know (including you if you read this) already are aware that email is killing us all.

There were three good things that I want to mention from it (one that I already do.)

  • NNTR - No Need to Respond. In the Subject line.
  • EOM - End of Message. Again, write your subject with EOM
  • 3 sentence rule (which I'm going to amend as the 5 sentence rule , which is how I encountered it first.) Mostly, just see if See if you can keep your email under 5 sentences.

Imagine if everyone adopted these rules!

Just the flowchart alone saved one company 20% of the time.