Moviola Webinar - Fix it in Post - Avid & BCC

I find that many Avid editors have great tools under their fingertips - they just don't know they exist - and far more likely, they're confused about some of the capabilities.

In this case it's the BCC Plugins. They're fantastic- and solve quite a number of limitations of the Avid compositing model, especially with titles, mattes and multilayer effects.

So here's a webinar I did for Moviola/Boris. And it's Free. There's zero sales going on. No 'demo' either. Compressed teaching.

Here's the link from Moviola's site. Moviola wants you to know about their other webinars.

Here's the link from BorisFX site. Boris wants you to have non-demo training (and then upgrade your plugins! And you should!)

Last, here's the link to the presentation - I think both groups have it as part of their downloads, but just in case, I'm putting it here as well.

And me? Yes, if you want to hire me to come out and teach you and your group BCC directly (or anything else, let me know here.