NAB Promotion Page

I'm going to be doing a bucket of speaking at NAB - and I wanted to leave a single spot where all that information is available!

Here's a quick link to everything I'm talking about

Don't miss my Video Compression workshop (Must be A Post Production World Attendee) on Tuesday April 14th!

Sessions - quick links

Given how many sessions I'm doing - this is a quick posting of the notes (as they happen.)

Post NAB I'll end up putting this into the main section of my site - I just wanted to get these up ASAP


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What if they gave away teaching FOR FREE?

Creativity Collective: Adobe Premiere Pro Tips AND Final Cut Pro X!!!!! 

Premiere Pro Tips Monday April 13th 5-6:30 PM N260

FCPX Power Tips Tues April 14th 5-6:30 N260.

You need an NAB BADGE! Arrive early, because we expect it to be standing room only!

Abba Shapiro and myself have been doing a tips class at NAB for a decade. Fun, lively and the best dueling pianos in the digital field!

This year we're changing the tune - we've invited a bunch of our friends! Hector Berrebi, Scott Simmons, Christine Steele, and Luisa Winters will be joining Abba and myself - for (drumroll) the Creativity Collective: Premiere Pro Power Tips.

One more change (and this is what you need to read) you can come for FREE.  

That's right. NAB is making it possible for anyone to join us. Only one rule: you have to have an NAB badge!