Do I want to speak at your event?

Absolutely...let's work the details out!


Quite a part of what I do is speak to audiences. As an expert communicator, I love the moment when I can take a complex concept and communicate it to an audience.

nd yes, I want to do it for your group. I love the travel and the chance to help smart people become smarter. 

'm one of the most dynamic speakers in my field, I consistently receive top ratings at events such as NAB, CES and User Groups. Let me do this for you!

What are the details?


Yes, you're going to have to pay for my flight, hotel, travel, parking and a per diem rate. 

Is there a speakers fee?


There sure is! I'm not Louis C.K. and it's not 100k. It'll make more sense for me to talk to two subjects rather than one - Having me cover two slots and it makes my rate reasonable.

I have a family and a roof to keep over their head. I'm not outrageous. I do expect to attend the event and be available to your attendees/delegates.

If it's truly difficult, perhaps there's a way we can find a sponsor or other creative way to make it possible!

Will this be a generic talk?


Absolutely not! I write every session uniquely for the audience. Even when the title resembles others I've spoken about, I'm retooling, adjusting what worked, what didn't work, to make the most powerful connection with the audience. There's a reason my sessions are some of the highest rated in the industry.


A sampling of recent talks from the past year:

  • Practical Video Compression in a Post YouTube World
  • Fixing Audio Problems with Adobe Audition
  • BootCamp for editors in Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Mastering the Magnetic Timeline in FCPX
  • Building motion backgrounds in Apple Motion
  • Building Believable Chromakeys
  • Script based editorial with Avid Media Composer
  • Unlocking Trimming techniques in Avid
  • Color Correction Power Techniques
  • Bulletproofing your Macintosh in Post Production