Trying to really learn color correction? You should Check out Dead Man's Lake

I teach in a number of venues, written word, intensive classroom, seminar and webinar-based. All those are great, but professionally they do have one flaw.

Apprenticeship. I'm stunned about the people who buy (or steal) the tools and feel that they're competent.

And there is quite a bit of accessible education out there. But without a level of apprenticeship, even with the best materials, at some level you're like the Emperor in the Emperor's new clothes – scared that someone is going to tell you that you're really naked.

When Patrick Inhofer asked me to take a look at The Tao of Color's  "Grade Along" materials, I looked at it with a tough critical eye – and as I realized exactly what he built, fills this gap in self-education.

This idea that you're working on a real-world project, at length, looking over the shoulder of a professional, was a fantastic way to develop these skills.

That's what I think the grade along does. It's a sensational idea - and worth it at twice (five times!) it's price.