Any color you want (Avid Tracks)

One of the unique/cool things about Media Composer is that you can colorize tracks.

This trick might be at one of the Avid sessions at Post Production World @ NAB

During the offline Edit, I want (need) my tracks to have a variety of colors - this makes it visually clear what a track is for. For example, all my main audio tracks (Interviews/key characters) bright, room tone tracks in pink, Video effect tracks in Green (greenscreen, get it?)

Not useful during an online edit (I prefer neutrals while I color correct.) but killer in the 'story' mode of editing.

Which timeline is easier to read? The one on the Left or the Right?

So much easier!

So much easier!

Who can visually read this?

Who can visually read this?

The problem is this: the Avid Palette for the last five years only shows pastel colors.

Unless you know the following trick:

Holding down the opt/alt key before you to go to the track palette opens up the full system colors - giving you every color you might want/need.

Avid tips like this will be in sessions at NAB/Post Production World