Smart keyboard mapping. (Avid)

I'm a big believer in mapping your keyboard on an Avid. (Nothing new in this) But I believe in 'smart' mapping - the idea that the key you bind a function should have meaning (to you.)

This tip is not about mapping your keyboard...nor that you can map elements with the shift key held down.

Rather, this tip is based on the idea that you should only bind keys that make sense. I've taught bunches of people how to use Media Composer. When I walk into a facility I chuckle if someone has a sticker above the F Keys. Why? Because they had to write down what the key does, because it doesn't make sense.

Anything mapped should have a logical connection to it's function, another key's function or the way you work.

Right now, go look at your keyboard. Where is the Remove Effect button? Don't tell me it's on an F key.


My Remove Effect is underneath the Quick Transition button. Why? Because it's the only button on the keyboard that creates an effect. The Shifted version of it removes an effect.

The tip is really this: map your keyboard in a purposeful way.

Some other quick suggestions: Set Expert Render to Shift-R - because, frankly, we still think of it as rendering. Put the Segment modes (yellow/red arrows) underneath the Splice in/Overwrite because they share similar colors.

Avid tips like this will be in sessions at NAB/Post Production World