FCPX Creative Summit Notes

The Creative Summit is the other Conference I helm.

The Editors Retreat is my baby - and the Creative Summit is my second child. 

I'm still stunned that Apple let us behind their doors and encouraged us to take photos!

They've done an amazing job of bringing FCPX in line with solid color tools and VR tools. As always, this makes things interesting

Here are my notes from my sessions!

Basics of Color

FCPX Troubleshooting

Adobe Video World 2017 notes and more

These always seem to take longer than I want!

Thanks for coming out (and signing up for my mailing list.)

 Nah, just a picture of me teaching

Nah, just a picture of me teaching

Adobe Video World is a phenomenal conference experience. There is something great about being around others who love/use the same tools you use. 

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or you need some level of personalized training. This isn't the only set of tools I teach. :D

I taught six sessions:

  1. VR Foundations
  2. Beyond 4k
  3. Mastering the Timeline
  4. Mastering the Lumetri Panel & Scopes
  5. Mastering Three point editing and Trimming
  6. Compression for the MoGraph Artist

And four for Nick

  1. Stitching for VR
  2. Editing in VR - it's part of stitching and VR foundations
  3. Team Projects - Can't distribute this until Adobe's announcement.
  4. Proxies in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Oh, you want everything? Sure. Here are all the talks in one group

Bonus: The Better proxies (and there are a TON!)

This is very much Alpha - there are quite a bit and some instructions. I'd LOVE feedback (or if you need a different preset.)  Just drop me a note

Bonus 2: Search folders beta project.

Import this into a project and you'll have a bucket of ways of examining your footage.

NAB show notes


A day late. Or if you've been waiting a week...well, longer. 

Sorry about that. Life and travel and life intrudes.

Today is your day, your mountain is waiting. So get on your way!
— Dr. Seuss

There's loads of stuff here. 

It's okay if it's overwhelming. Yes, you can email me questions about it. Yes. you should review it (and all of your NAB notes) for 5-10 min a day for the next 30 days. 

Feel free to download anything here - even if you didn't attend that session.

I'll say it again: yes, you can bug me for the rest of your life. Emails are free. Phone calls cost money.

  1. Saturday - Boot Camp Compression - 3 hour Boot Camp on Video Compression. Yes, if you want me to give you a preset - just ask!
  2. Saturday - Cross Train Resolve - If you're an editor and you want to switch to Resolve - this goes over how things setup/compare. Of course, this is for the 12.5 version. The 14 beta is a little different - but very much the same
  3. Sunday - VR Foundations. Included in this deck are the emails of my guests and Matt Celia's Deck
  4. Sunday - Closed and Open Captions - this session was canceled, so I haven't developed a deck for it yet. (It was canceled for Apple's Keynote.) But if you have Open/closed caption questions, feel free to send them along!
  5. Monday - VR stitching. Yes, I've added in all my resources for it.
  6. Monday - Creativity Collective Adobe Premiere Pro. There were no notes for this - as each presenter organically gave tips.
  7. Tuesday - Hidden Secrets of Adobe Premiere Pro, along with Abba Shapiro. No notes were given for this - as we wrote it "dueling pianos" style for three hours. If you have a specific question (like, "how did you do x, y or z") feel free to send it my way. 
  8. Tuesday - VR Starter Kit in Lumaforge's Faster Together Stage. This is really talk 7.5. But if you saw any of my VR talks, it has slightly different content. This was a 15 minute talk.
  9. Tuesday - Creativity Collective FCPX There were no notes for this - as each presenter organically gave tips.
  10. Wednesday -  All day Compression Workshop. Grab the Boot Camp and this link. There are a number of decks here that weren't seen - but are great reference. Yes, if you want a specific preset, just ask. 
  11. Thursday - All day Hands on Color Correction class in Adobe Premiere Pro with Jarle Leirpoll of PremierePro.net. And yes, if you're struggling with a correction, you can send me the stills and I'll do a quick grade.

Sorry again it took so long. But if you look at the above, I think you'll understand why. :D