The day you stop learning is the day your brain starts dying.
— Einstein, Asimov and my parents.

find that by the time you're on this page, there's only one question:  How much will it cost?

When you're ready for this step, it's best for us to get on the phone - and it's not because I'm afraid of my rate being on the Internet - it's more that I want to make sure I'm the right fit for your needs.

I'm not going to teach where I can't be successful for me (and therefore for you.) We need to figure out how much can be covered in how many days. 


You want real flexibility about my time and availability? Or even a better price?

Talk to me about something 90 days from now and not next week.

Asking me for availability for right now? It's likely to cost me money to rearrange my schedule. Generally, when possible, I want to accommodate you and your group.

It's s an 8 hour day, plus an hour for lunch.

We're going to take breaks too - people learn faster with breaks. ou'll be expected to provide a 1080 HD projector - but I'll bring my own laptop. Want half days? Longer days? I'm open to that talk.

Nearly always, I recommend that training is hands on - but that'll mean you need to provide systems for your people. It'll also mean that 30-40% of our time is spent on them racticing the specific techniques. That's fantastic for retention - but we'll cover less. Which is better, to cover 100% of the information poorly, or 80% that is retained?

Yes, I can teach seminar style - where class attendees try to keep up - but this is always a competition, especially if they have facebook, email and other fun Internet distractions at their fingertips. Part of the reason I schedule breaks is to give them time to do exactly these things!