I'm proud I do my job well. It gives me joy to share what others say about how I do it. And if you've liked something I've done, please email me and tell me!

Jeff Greenberg is an exceptional instructor and makes learning difficult software a completely positive experience. As an educator myself, I am inspired by his teaching methodology and the enthusiasm he brings to class.
— Steven H
Jeff is the guy the other instructors, editors and trouble shooters turn to when they get stumped. One of the world’s true resources. I would have no hesitation in giving him the highest recommendation for whatever task he turns his attention to.
— Che B
Jeff provides not only some of the best technical training, but some of the absolute best visual-storytelling instruction in the world of video/film production. There is a reason why so many people seek out his knowledge, professionalism, and wonderful sense of humor: Jeff Greenberg represents what up-and-coming professionals should strive to be, and what seasoned professionals will always respect
— James B
I was lucky enough to attend the NAB 2012 sessions this year and I just wanted to let you know that I think your sessions were by far the best I sat in on. Very engaging and interesting. I’m trying to practice most of your tricks while editing! These tricks are going to save me plenty of time while editing, thank you!
— Nicole P
...many other presenters refused questions and stuck with a dry webinar style format. You fearlessly contoured your curriculum
to the students needs on the fly. The passion for your subject and keen observations were a delight to behold. And by interacting with the class much more of the information I needed. I can’t believe I learned (and remembered) so much!
— Scott F
Jeff Greenberg was by far the most impressive when going through the
functions of FCP. I learned more in 75 minutes than i have in my courses at my university. It may be the teaching methods or possibly that he truly knows how to explain in a clear and concise manner that it streamed right into my mind. He was entertaining throughout and kept my attention the entire time. I did not even want to blink my eyes for fear of missing something great, like a key board trick which now saves me large amounts of time overall. Jeff knew how to reach his audience and was more than willing to answer questions as they arose within the audience. My fellow classmates and i were throughly impressed with his enthusiasm which kept us coming back for more!
— Gina B
Your presentations on Mastering Composite Modes and Color Correction were fabulous. I’m so impressed with your knowledge base and amazingly entertaining and engaging style of teaching. You clearly know and love your work, you are truly inspiring, and I’m grateful for meeting you!
— Cindy K