Adobe Roadshow hits DC

On Monday, I was speaking at the Adobe CS6 Roadshow in DC.

This is a great event; when it does come to your city, it's worth attending (there are loads of upcoming cities!)

In NYC, DC and LA, there are also special training seminars.

These are perfect for an editor who sees the Adobe Production Suite (Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Speedgrade) in their near future.

Here are the presentations I gave, as promised.

Broadcast centered editing.pdf- this is about adopting Premiere Pro and understanding some of it's feature set that apply to a broadcast environment.

Editing faster.pdf- a crash course in editorial in Premiere Pro.

Trimming.pdf- Trimming, the adjustment of clip length in the timeline - something that I feel makes and breaks and editorial system (and editor) demystified.

If you're going to join us in LA - drop me a line - I might be able to arrange a special present.