Digital Cinema Camera Workflows in Avid Media Composer

Michael Kammes. Damn is he a smart guy.

Michael Kammes. Damn is he a smart guy.

First Session at the LA Post Conference

Had a great time with Michael Kammes of Keycode Media. Seriously, go check out his Web site for all sorts of fantastic technical knowledge. 

Here is the PDF of the keynote presentation we showed.

Two quick videos: 
One from Bob Russo (a fantastic guy from Avid) on XDCAM workflows
The second from Alex Walker on DSLR Workflows

Please plan your workflow. Please?

I've just come across a friend who is dealing with a workflow problem. The problem is that he switched from one NLE to another...and things don't work the same.

I'm not calling out the person; I'm not calling out the editorial tools....I understand that he has an investment in hardware and software (including cameras.)

But why, why not first, contact the NLE manufacturer or resller and say "How to best do this?"

Get the download demo, walk thorugh head to tales what your workflow plans to be.

Realistically, that's what whiteppapers are for, right? But the day of one format (like one NLE) is pretty much a myth. It's always a mixture of formats (and frame rates, and compression types.)