Adobe Video World 2017 notes and more

These always seem to take longer than I want!

Thanks for coming out (and signing up for my mailing list.)

Nah, just a picture of me teaching

Nah, just a picture of me teaching

Adobe Video World is a phenomenal conference experience. There is something great about being around others who love/use the same tools you use. 

Feel free to reach out if you have questions or you need some level of personalized training. This isn't the only set of tools I teach. :D

I taught six sessions:

  1. VR Foundations
  2. Beyond 4k
  3. Mastering the Timeline
  4. Mastering the Lumetri Panel & Scopes
  5. Mastering Three point editing and Trimming
  6. Compression for the MoGraph Artist

And four for Nick

  1. Stitching for VR
  2. Editing in VR - it's part of stitching and VR foundations
  3. Team Projects - Can't distribute this until Adobe's announcement.
  4. Proxies in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Oh, you want everything? Sure. Here are all the talks in one group

Bonus: The Better proxies (and there are a TON!)

This is very much Alpha - there are quite a bit and some instructions. I'd LOVE feedback (or if you need a different preset.)  Just drop me a note

Bonus 2: Search folders beta project.

Import this into a project and you'll have a bucket of ways of examining your footage.