My sole golden rule, is that I want you to walk away happy - and smarter.

Some of the services that I can provide to you or your group:

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Training - Yes, I can teach your group directly. Please see my certifications page to get an idea what I feel comfortable teaching.   If you're looking for a certified class, contact me as well, I'm happy to make a recommendation.

Speaking - Related to education, this would be seminar style training. I give somewhere between 50-70 talks a year. I'd love to do a talk at your event.

Consulting - I can help you iron out your workflow, such as picking hardware, whether or not to transcode, getting your compression 'right' (and understanding why it is or isn't looking good.)

Writing - As an author, yes, I can help your materials become formal statements. There's quite of bit of marketing and other communications work I've done for the major software companies and I can do it for you too!

And yes, I can do Editor/Colorist/Sound Design work- I can cut/finish your work as needed - and yes, I do quite a bit of 'Oh S**t, can anyone fix this?' 

My schedule is generally busy, so the earlier you contact me the more likely I can be of help!